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Welcome to MARE

MARE is about managing adaptive responses and in particular adaptive responses within urban environments to changing flood risks.

But although the examples we give are related to flooding, the approaches that we have used are also relevant to managing changing risks within many aspects of the built, natural, water and social environments.

MARE is not just for water engineers and flood managers. It sets out to introduce flooding and flood management to anyone who needs to know about it, either because they are personally affected by it or because it affects their job or the decisions that they have to make. It's also for people who have interests in other aspects of water management such as for supporting ecosystems. To achieve this we use plain language and a straightforward framework developed with partners in related projects to guide you to the topics that you are, or need to be interested in.

As well as sharing the learning and experience of the MARE partners, we are also setting out to guide you the outputs of parallel projects, such as FloodResilienCity (FRC), Skills Integration and New Technologies (SKINT) and Strategic Alliance for Integrated Water Management Actions (SAWA), alongside which we have worked.




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